5 Weeks to Go-To-Market

Last chance to register for my 5-Week Go-To-Market class, which starts on Wednesday, June 26th @ 9 am PT. I’ll be teaching a live one-hour class weekly from June 26th until July 28th every Wednesday at 9 am PT, and all the classes will be recorded and sent to registrants.

Yasmeen Turayhi
2 min readJun 26, 2023


We will dive into the following:
Week 1: Introduction to Product Marketing
1. Understanding the role and importance of product marketing
2. Differentiating product marketing from other marketing disciplines
3. Defining target audience and market segmentation
4. Conducting market research and competitive analysis

Week 2: Crafting Compelling Value Propositions
1. Developing a deep understanding of customer needs and pain points
2. Creating unique value propositions that resonate with the target market
3. Utilizing positioning strategies to differentiate products in the market
4. Communicating value effectively through messaging and storytelling

Week 3: Product Launch Strategies
1. Planning and executing successful product launches
2. Creating launch timelines and coordinating cross-functional teams
3. Developing go-to-market strategies and marketing plans
4. Leveraging digital marketing channels for maximum impact

Week 4: Product Lifecycle Management

1. Managing products throughout their lifecycle stages
2. Conducting product performance analysis and gathering customer feedback
3. Implementing product updates, enhancements, and versioning strategies
4. Developing product roadmaps and maintaining competitive advantage

Week 5: Product Marketing Metrics and Optimization
1. Defining and measuring key performance indicators (KPIs)
2. Analyzing marketing data to gain insights and drive decision-making
3. A/B testing and optimizing marketing campaigns
4. Iterative product marketing strategies for continuous improvement

If you’d like to sign up, you can sign up here. Doors close tomorrow at 5 pm PT.

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