How to cultivate intuition for creativity and business

When I tell people that I spent 18 months learning about intuition at one of the leading schools of intuition in the United States years ago, I am usually met with blatant surprise and confusion.

But what if there is another type of intelligence that hasn’t yet become a mainstream topic in the business world?

I’m often asked the question, “How do you get so many things done?”. And how did your life change so dramatically in the last 4 years after graduating from this program?

“I get my best ideas in the shower” — Albert Einstein

Could it be that our intuition, a non-linear and non-local consciousness is the home base of where all the most revolutionary and innovative, and creative ideas come from?

What if there was a way to find new ideas and become an innovator in the way that Edison and Tesla were?

“But instinct is something which transcends knowledge. We have, undoubtedly, certain finer fibers that enable us to perceive truths when logical deduction, or any other willful effort of the brain, is futile.” — Nikola Tesla

In Psychology Today, Francis P Cholle defines intuition as “A gut feeling — or a hunch — a sensation that appears quickly in consciousness, a process that gives us the ability to know something directly without analytic reasoning, bridging the gap between the conscious and nonconscious parts of our mind, and also between instinct and reason.”

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