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The Power of Embodiment

How to live a creative life and manifest

Even though I was physically in the office, my mind wanted to be almost anyplace else. When you are not present or fully engaged in what you’re doing, your energy moves into another place and time, which is often why we feel so depleted when we’re not engaged. The gas in the engine has been given away to another car, and another person.

Before I started my meditation program, this happened almost 50% of the day or more — and while I had achieved some of my goals, I couldn’t sustain that level of manifestation. In other words, I always felt “stuck” in a frame rather than living in it.

Before we can actually manifest anything, we actually have to “be here now”, and be embodied and grounded.

It is impossible to create anything if you’re not in the present moment.

Most people’s minds are in the future or the past. You can sense when someone is not here or listening to you. All it takes is just one look into their eyes, and you’ll notice that their consciousness is lost somewhere in the ocean of thoughts and stories. And if you look closely enough, you can even see that their energy isn’t really in their body. They can’t even digest what you’re saying fully because no one is actually “home”.

My question is, if you’re not embodied, then WHO is actually in control of your life? Your subconscious? The auto-pilot command center that only performs the same habits we feed it? For most of us, the answer is yes.

Most people live their waking hours on auto-pilot, always thinking about something in the future that will create happiness for them, or re-visiting a time in their past. Some people skew more heavily into the future, while others fall more into melancholia of the past. Happiness cannot be attained in the future. Happiness and joy are an experience in the present moment; they are not a destination.

You can’t manifest anything unless you’re fully grounded and in your body and in the present moment.

One of the biggest life hacks I learned at the Academy of Intuition Medicine is that it’s impossible to be fully embodied and finish things when we’re not in the present moment. Oftentimes, the times we spend working on things when our minds are someplace else is time wasted.

We wonder why we can’t achieve our dreams because we’re so filled with anxiety about what will happen in the future, or we are stuck in programs about what we should have done in the past. We can’t relax and let the energy flow through us into the project — we’ve misdirected it someplace else. And even worse, how much of your life do you think you’ll miss by directing your energy onto people, places, things and more that are not serving you?

Becoming more embodied starts with being grounded. And grounding has more health benefits than just the subtle emotional and spiritual bodies. It even largely impacts your immune system and physical health.

Research published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine by Dr. Oschman even suggests grounding has even more important benefits and can even help reduce inflammation and reduce blood viscosity.

So how does one become more grounded and embodied?

I spent a number of years researching some activities and frameworks that can help people become more grounded, and came up with this list.

How to become more embodied and grounded:

  1. Physically touch the earth every day. I recently interviewed Step Sinatra on my podcast Gateways to Awakening, who is the co-founder of Grounding is when humans make an electrical connection to the earth. In my conversation with Step, we learn that connecting to the earth has a number of health benefits like regulating sleep, reducing stress, increasing immunity and energy, and more. In the book Grounded, he states that we are the only species on earth that does not physically sleep on the earth every single day. Our shoes, while helpful, make it difficult for us to touch the earth each day. If you don’t have an ocean or nature nearby, you can even touch a tree or a plant as a start. You can listen to the full episode here:
  2. Epsom salt baths. Or any type of bath. Physically touching water is also very grounding. It reminds me that you are in a body and not a floating consciousness. Many schools of thought believe that Epsom salt baths can help relax muscles and loosen stiff joints.
  3. Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a type of Yoga that I first learned in Bali, at a yoga retreat and it is an excellent gateway to return back to your body. Essentially, Yoga Nidra is a body scan practice, in which a speaker will list all the body parts and your energy and consciousness will move your awareness to that body part. It can be done in the middle of the day, or at the end of the day.
  4. Grounding meditations & binaural beats. There are a ton of grounding meditations that you can find online. Many of you probably have heard about dropping a grounding cord down to the center of the earth from the bottom of your spine. However, I am partial to the grounding meditation created by the Academy of Intuitive Medicine under Body of Health. We also had guest Elizabeth Krasnoff on the podcast, who spoke about how binaural beats can balance your right and left hemispheres of your brain. One company that she speaks about on the show is Hemi-Sync.
  5. The power of scents. Fill your space with the smells of nature. Create a grounded atmosphere like cedar, pine, palo santo, sage, sandalwood, and cinnamon.
  6. Qi-Gong. Qi-Gong. The National Qi-Gong Association defines Qi-Gong as “the mind-body-spirit practice that improves one’s mental and physical health by integrating posture, movement, and breathing technique, self-massage, sound, and focused intent”. The first time I tried Qi-Gong, a group of friends were shocked at how calm and present I was. I personally love both Qi with Eli and Thomas Droge, and they both offer online classes that are affordable.
  7. Get a grounding mat. If you are really passionate about grounding yourself, you can check out the products on They have an excellent grounding mat that you can use whenever you don’t have time to physically touch the earth, or if you have a job that is particularly heavy on technology.
  8. Vipassana retreat, or periods of silence. Many of us don’t have the time for a 10-day silent retreat, so my suggestion is to practice 1 hour of silence per day. Can you sit with yourself and just “be”?

Stay in touch! I’d love to hear from you. If you enjoyed this article, you can follow me here: Yasmeen Turayhi. Stay tuned for my upcoming book on “How to Manifest”.

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